Welcome to Cottage Grove Genealogical Society
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in respect of the social distancing guidelines, we are closed until further notice. In the meantime, we are still able to respond to emails and will answer all messages at our earliest convenience.

Thank you kindly.

– The CGGS Team

The Cottage Grove Genealogical Society was organized February 10, 1975 to promote and stimulate interest in genealogy and to collect and preserve genealogical and historical information, especially that pertaining to Cottage Grove and the surrounding areas.  The Cottage Grove Genealogical Society is an all-volunteer group.  Everyone is a key member doing their very best to continue the interest in genealogy for the benefit of all.

Our research library is open to the public and contains over 5,000 books including family histories, county histories, atlases, research aids, resource records along with many rolls of microfilm and microfiche.

Membership in the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society is $20.00 per calendar year for individuals and $25.00 per year for families.  Membership entitles you to our publication, Trees from the Grove, published twice a year.  Queries for members are free; non-members may submit up to two queries per issue for $1.00. 

TREES, Vol. 30, 1-2, 2017

TREES, Vol 30, 3-4, 2017

TREES, Vol 31, 1-2, 2018

TREES, Vol 31, 3-4, 2018

TREES, Vol 32, 1-2, 2019

TREES, Vol 32, 3-4, 2019

TREES, Vol 33, 1-2, 2020

TREES, Vol 33, 3-4, 2020