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Volunteers at the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society do research and publish material to help others research their families.

Research Services

We will also conduct research for those who are unable to visit our library personally. Society members have volunteered to assist you at the rate of $10.00 per hour plus direct costs. All proceeds benefit the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society. Send a request to our P.O. address, call our Library phone or email us. You can find all of this on the Contacts page.

Genealogical research –
Historical research, e.g., an event, a building, etc. –
Record lookups for specific individuals –
Photocopy of obituary from Obituary publications –
Photocopy of record lookups –


Research Library

Our research library is open to the public and contains over 5,000 books including family histories, county histories, atlases, research aids, resource records along with many rolls of microfilm and microfiche.

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